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Good grooming is vital to give the right image and appearance to hard-coated dogs. The technique for looking after their coats differs from others because it is based on removing the hair with a stripping knife or by hand and is known as HAND-STRIPPING..

A coat that has been hand-stripped gives rise to the emergence of a new coat with better texture and colour. However, if the coat is cut, it loses its wiry texture, quality and colour, as can be seen every day in dogs that have been clipped.

When the new coat has come through after stripping is the time to learn to trim. Skilful trimming is like sculpting in hair and requires you to master certain techniques, which we teach. But, like any sculpture, it is an art and the greatest achievement also requires inspiration.

Since the beginning of the eighties, I have been organising and participating in grooming seminars and competitions aimed to improve the grooming skills of professional dog groomers as well as exhibitors and owners.

At our kennels, we have set up a Dog Grooming School where we give grooming courses specialising in hand-stripping and trimming .

The basic breed with which you will learn hand-stripping and trimming on our course is the Westie, although we also have Scottish, Cairn and Wire Fox terriers as well as other breeds.

Our classes are eminently practical, grooming dog after dog and putting all the explanations you have received into practice, learning from one’s own errors and acquiring genuine experience.

No prior knowledge is necessary. Our students can be professionals who wish to improve their technique or complete beginners.

We do not give any diplomas for attending the course. Our diplomas are awarded only to students who have truly mastered the technique of trimming when they have completed the course.

Our aim is that, when a dog groomer displays a diploma from the Alborada Dog Grooming School, the clientele recognises that it is synonymous with the quality, excellence and trustworthiness associated with Alborada.

Our courses are adaptable, in time and length, to the needs and circumstances of both the students and the teacher. Not all students have five weeks free to take a course and, therefore, it can be completed in several stages or on certain days of the week or even at weekends, provided that the teacher is not competing at or judging shows.

We can also provide accommodation at a very reasonable price.