All our stud dogs are available to whomever wishes to use them.

The stud fee includes the bitch’s stay at our kennels until her season is over.

The optimal moment for mating is determined by vaginal smears or ovulation tests.

The bitch will be mated the number of times necessary while she is in season, with no limitation.

The choice of the stud dog will always be up to the client, although, if you wish, we can advise you on the basis of the bitch’s pedigree and specific characteristics.

All matings are by artificial insemination to prevent any infections passing from the bitch to the dog or vice versa.

We will give you the documentation certifying the mating so that you can register the litter with the Real Sociedad Canina de España or any other foreign kennel club belonging to the FCI.

We will be happy to share our knowledge on the reproduction of the breed in general and especially our own line. In our breeding, we try to maintain and improve the breed’s vitality by avoiding close inbreeding and most of our litters have an inbreeding coefficient of less than 10%. We keep our breeding true-to-type by using dogs with many generations selected by us which, while they show a certain degree of similarity to each other, are not too closely related, avoiding abusive inbreeding and dogs with genetic defects.

We are also able to send cooled semen. We require a vet to check the bitch’s progesterone level in order to find the best moment to send the semen.